Skiing opportunities

NZ has some awesome skiing and snow boarding opportunities.

The North Island has some fantastic extreme skiing options. Based around the centre of the North Island, you can use Taupo as your base or get closer to the action by staying in the National Park. Be warned the weather changes quickly on the mountain and due to the fact its a volcano you want to make sure you are well prepared. Snow chains are essential for those using independant travel , but buses run daily up the mountain.


Must visit places


Welcome to New Zealand – Here Are Some of the Places That You Really Need To Visit While You Are Here

New Zealand has a lot going for it; beautiful beaches, spectacular glaciers and even skiing in the mountains, but if you could go anywhere and see anything while you are on the islands what should you make sure to include in your itinerary? You will of course experience everything that the main cities have to offer when you arrive so let’s leave them off the list this time.

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