Coromandel (Next Date to be Advised)

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The Coromandel peninsula is situated on the east coast of New Zealand.  Roughly 3 hours from Auckland it has  amazing scenery and fantastic beaches.


The must do's for many are visiting the white sands of Cathedral cove, also the back drop for some scenes in the movie chronicles of Narnia, this beach is only accessible by water or through a 40 minute walking track.  The other must do - is digging your own hot pool at hot water beach.  Here due to a crack in the earths crust, boiling water spills to the surface.  Accessible only two hours either side of low tide, bathers can turn up and dig their own hot pool, mix in the cold of the sea , or cool down in the sea it is a natural wonder of NZ.


Also highly recomended is the paint balling and high ropes course just outside of Whitianga, the lost pools in the town itself , plus just hanging out in a cool and vibrant town.

Price: $220.00
Activities available: 
Horse riding
Quad Biking

Accomodation in back packer style cabins, with bedding provided.  Full continental breakfast, transport in airconditioned mini bus to and from Auckland. An experienced guide to take you to all the places at the right time and make sure you have a great time.

Optional Extra: 

High Ropes Course. Paintballing. Horse Riding. Lost springs thermal wonderland.